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He can’t seem to get a break. She has lost more than anyone should have to bear. Thrown together by tragedy, can these two wounded souls find love.?

She’s recently widowed. He’s living a lie. Can faith and love survive on the wild frontier?

If a cowhand can’t ride a horse, is he still a cowboy?

Will her love break the chains that enslave his heart? Will Jeremiah grasp that God is using the evil done to him for a grander purpose?

Thomas is a cattle rustler doing a 15-year sentence. Catherine is fighting the loneliness of being a single woman running a business in Colorado in 1890. Will her faith be enough to sustain her? Can God give these two wounded souls a way to love?

Tragedy, heartbreak, and a son he can’t bear to look at…Dave Kimbrough is a broken man.

What will it take to put him back together and reunite with his son?

Single parent Flint Tucker had no intention of leaving his three-year-old daughter on the ranch in Colorado with his parents. Not even for the dark-haired beauty, he found on a mountain trail. So how did he end up in New York working for Stephanie Wellbourne?

Can a man raising two children alone find contentment? Is Juliana willing to take on a man with a ready-made family? Lance and Juliana must find out if their love is to survive.

This Box Set includes the first 4 books in the Cedar Ridge Chronicles series and is nearly 1000 pages of stories of the Old West filled with adventure, hope, and romance. Save almost 50% off the individual titles.

More About AJ Hawke

If you enjoy the feel of the wind on your face, and the open sky before you, join me here to find the romance and flavor of the West. I, too, enjoy those things, but, most of all, I love that our loving and living God, created it all for our pleasure. I love how He works out His plans in the realm of human events. I have been blessed with a gift: a compulsion to write historical and present-day novels set in the American West that demonstrates His power to transform ordinary people into true heroes and heroines. I am just a scribe really, who finds the joy of participating in the creation of inspirational fiction indescribable. May our Lord Jesus Christ receive all of the credit and be glorified.