It is cold outside. It was cold outside yesterday, and it will be cold outside tomorrow. This is no surprise, as it is January, winter. Now, cold is relative. It is in the 30s here in the midwest and compared to some parts of the world this is a balmy day. However, for us this is cold winter weather. Of course, the plus is that within a week or two it could be back in the 60s. There is one advantage to this cold weather for a writer. I am not inclined to go out and can focus in on my writing.
Cup of Hot ChocolateThere are certain tools needed for writing on a cold day. The first is a cozy, warm spot. Second, is something hot to sip on. Tea will work but today seems to be a hot chocolate day.

You can dress up a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream, cinnamon, peppermint, a little almond, and don’t forget the marshmallows. No, no, no, not all in the same cup of hot chocolate at the same time. That would be too much and the flavors would be fighting against each other.

There are ready-made mixes of all sorts of flavor to use in the preparation of your hot chocolate, or, you can be a purist and start with the raw cocoa.

So, I will take advantage of the cold to indulge in some hot chocolate … I mean writing.

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