About A J

A J Hawke AuthorIf you enjoy the feel of the wind on your face, and the open sky before you, join me here to find the romance and flavor of the West. I, too, enjoy those things, but, most of all, I love that our loving and living God, created it all for our pleasure. I love how He works out His plans in the realm of human events. I have been blessed with a gift: a compulsion to write historical and present-day novels set in the American West that demonstrates His power to transform ordinary people into true heroes and heroines. I am just a scribe really, who finds the joy of participating in the creation of inspirational fiction indescribable. May our Lord Jesus Christ receive all of the credit and be glorified. The study of history is an ongoing fascination for me.

In college, I studied American History taught by Dr. Raymond Muncy. He saw the study of Western Expansion in American History as the examination of people and their times. How did their decisions affect their own lives and the lives of those around them? As I look at the way people lived and worked, it reveals the thinking that shaped their lives. work, housing, food, family, and religion which are fundamentals for people at any time.

In my stories, I share the day-to-day lives of people of the West in the 1800s. Although I also tell stories of the contemporary lives of the people of the West, most of my novels are placed in the 1800s. I love that time of our history, especially the romanticized view of it. It was a land of larger than life men and the women who stood by them, who braved harsh elements and hard work. I write so you, too, may be a part of that time and place, of the great American West.

Born in Spur, Texas into a multi-generational Texas family, I have lived and traveled throughout the American West as well as other parts of the world and now make my home in the foothills of the Ozarks. Some of what I enjoy doing is reading, writing, and visiting with friends, and family. More than anything else in my life, I take great joy and comfort in my Christian life.