Cabin on Pinto Creek

He can’t seem to get a break. She has lost more than anyone should have to bear. Thrown together by tragedy, can these two wounded souls find love. 

Elisha Evans is out of luck. Growing up without a family, betrayed by the woman he loved, and his ranch lost to a prairie fire, all he can hope for is the job as a line rider out of the isolated cabin on a remote Colorado ranch. Can he stand the isolation and loneliness of a winter snowbound in the mountains? After losing all her family except for her beloved grandfather, Susana is watching him die with winter closing in when a stranger shows up. Can this lonely cowboy offer her sanctuary, and can she hold on to her faith in the midst of her desperate situation? Together can they survive the winter?

Joe Storm No Longer A Cowboy

If a cowhand can’t ride a horse, is he still a cowboy?

Joe Storm can no longer ride a horse—and that hurts more than his injured hip. Swallowing his pride, he takes a job as cook’s helper on a trail drive to a mountain ranch. Despite the opposition of her father, the owner of the trail herd, Sara befriends Joe. Soon they are separated as Sara and her father head for California and out of his life. As Joe struggles to build a place for himself on the ranch, he longs to go to Sara in search of a happy forever. Only with the help of God and friends will Joe be able to achieve his dream.

Colorado Morning Sky

Will her love break the chains that enslave his heart? Will Jeremiah grasp that God is using the evil done to him for a grander purpose?

Jeremiah was on his way as a prisoner to Yuma Prison in 1876. Instead, he finds himself captured by a bizarre man who forces him to work in a gold mine in the desert. After years, he awakes one day to discover he is free. But deeply wounded in spirit he must find a way to begin life again.

Emily has been gently raised by her grandparents and sent back east to a finishing school. When she returns to her ailing grandmother in Colorado, she finds this strong, silent rancher draws Emily’s interest as no other man has ever done. Can two people so different find a path to love and faith?

Colorado Evening Sky

Thomas is a cattle rustler doing a 15-year sentence. Catherine is fighting the loneliness of being a single woman running a business in Colorado in 1890. Will her faith be enough to sustain her? Can God give these two wounded souls a way to love?

The year is 1890, and Thomas Black battles to survive another day. Convicted of cattle rustling at age 17, he has three years left on a 15-year sentence in the infamous Yuma Territorial Prison. Feeling abandoned even by his God, he must fight on occasion to stay alive. But, most of the time, he fights to forget his mother’s tears and the fact that he has nothing to show for his life except for a prison record, wasted years, and deep regrets.

Catherine O’Malley finds herself facing loneliness of another kind. She runs a little café on a dusty main street 800 miles away in Colorado. It is a hard time and place for a pretty, unmarried woman in her twenties to run a business. She longs for a family and a loving husband to protect her.

Lives that couldn’t be farther apart in social status, miles, and years are set on a collision course in book four of the Cedar Ridge Chronicles. With a prosperous suitor at her door, Catherine must make a decision that will alter the course of her life as well as the lives of others. Thomas must find a way to thwart a plot that threatens Catherine and send him back to prison.

The Cedar Ridge Chronicles Boxed Set is only available in digital form.