Sudden tragedy, unimaginable heartbreak, crushing responsibilities, and a son he can’t bear to look at… Dave Kimbrough is a broken man.  A broken man on the run.
Falsely accused of murder, Dave is running from those who would rather see him behind bars than hear his side of the story. But what happens when his run from the law returns him home?
Home to the scene of the tragedy, home to the son he hardly knows, and home to the family of the woman he so desperately loved and lost…home to the heartbreak he ran from years ago.
Dave’s two worlds are about to collide.  What will catch Dave first? The law or his past?

Catherine O’Malley finds herself facing loneliness of another kind. She runs a little café on a dusty main street 800 miles away in Colorado. It is a hard time and place for a pretty, unmarried woman in her twenties to run a business. She longs for a family and a loving husband to protect her.

Lives that couldn’t be farther apart in social status, miles, and years are set on a collision course in book four of the Cedar Ridge Chronicles. With a prosperous suitor at her door, Catherine must make a decision that will alter the course of her life as well as the lives of others. Thomas must find a way to thwart a plot that threatens Catherine and send him back to prison.

Emily has been gently raised by her grandparents and sent back east to a finishing school. When she returns to her ailing grandmother in Colorado, she finds this strong, silent rancher draws Emily’s interest as no other man has ever done. Can two people so different find a path to love and faith?